Vice President (Business Strategy) Huawei Telecommunications India Delhi

Mr Mark Hurd- CEO & President, hp, Worldwide
March 17, 2017
Group President, India, WICS(Wbf International Center Services) & The World BPO-ITO Forum,
April 21, 2017

Vice President (Business Strategy) Huawei Telecommunications India Delhi                                                          

March 2012 – June,  2013

“Your contributions in developing business in uncharted territories for Enterprise Business Solutions Division Huawei Telecommunications, specially in the Pubic Sector Enterprises/Govt. space in the Railways, Oil and Gas verticals is indeed very creditable.  Your timely help in executing corporate relations projects and events have been of great value to building business relationships for Huawei Telecommunications in different verticals”

Sd/ President, Enterprise Business Solutions, Huawei Telecommunications dated 02nd June, 2013.

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